Tahini Production Line is a complete line for manufacturing tahini and all machines are typical that can design according to our clients requirements. Tahini is a thick paste made from ground sesame seeds. It's most commonly used as a flavoring ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes such as hummus or with grilled aubergine to make baba ganoush. Tahini's flavor and adaptability also make it an ideal base to sauces to accompany vegetable or pulse-based dishes. We can offer tahini production line with 500 kg and 1.000 kg per hour production capacity, including automatic drying system and steam system. Following is a basic machinery list for a tahini production line.

Tahini Production Line


Manufacturing tahini is required skilled hands that we already have in years. You can make high quality tahini with our latest and newest technology that we’re using while producing our machinery. In light of all, you can examine details and specifications of our machinery of production line below.

Tahini Production Line

  • Steam Boiler: It’s a machine for boiling the raw material in the line.

  • Tahina Tanks: It’s a storage tank for keeping the end product fresh.

  • Automatic Mill Of Sesame: Prepared sesames comes here for final sieving.

  • Sesame Sieving Machine: It’s three floored machine for complete sieving from very small particles like dust, bran etc.

  • Sesame Cooling Machine: It’s a machine for cooling the roasted sesame in quite short time to prepare next step of the line.

  • Sesame Frying Machine: After drying part of the line, raw material comes here for roasting.
  • Sesame Drying Machine: In here, separated and washed sesame waiting for drying.

  • Sesame Washing Machine: It’s a machine for washing separated sesame to prepare next step of the line.

  • Automatic Machine Of Peeling Sesame: It’s a machine for separate sesame from its shell.

  • Stone Separation Machine: It’s a separating machine for separating the stone from grains.

  • Sesame Elevator: It’s a conveyor for elevating the sesame.
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