Tahini Production Line is a company that specialized on tahini manufacturing machinery. We can provide our high quality tahini manufacturing machines to anywhere in the world that also, our services includes both machine setup process and after establishing the plant. Furthermore, our products can be design according to our client needs that is mean the machine dimensions are optional for various different size of facilities to install.



You can find details and specifications of our high quality tahini manufacturing machines that you can see below.

  • It’s a machine for boiling the raw material in the line.
  • It’s a storage tank for keeping the end product fresh.
  • Prepared sesames comes here for final sieving.
  • It’s three floored machine for complete sieving from very small particles like dust, bran etc.
  • It’s a machine for cooling the roasted sesame in quite short time to prepare next step of the line.
  • After drying part of the line, raw material comes here for roasting.
  • In here, separated and washed sesame waiting for drying.
  • It’s a machine for washing separated sesame to prepare next step of the line.
  • It’s a machine for separate sesame from its shell.
  • It’s a separating machine for separating the stone from grains.
  • It’s a conveyor for elevating the sesame.
  • Get offer about any of the above machines

    We can manufacture any of the above individual machine for you. Preferably you can purchase a complete solution.