Sesame Sieving Machine

Sesame sieving machine is three floored.From raw material depot control cover opens and raw materials unstuck from big matters at the first sieving floor.At the second floor raw materials unstuck from dust,bran and the little matter.Three unloading cover is located at the machine.From first cover bigger matters from second cover bran from third cover very little matters and dust could be taken.

The Machine's sieves could be changed so that the machine can sieve every kind of material.Two vibro motor is using at the machine for vibration.Motor vibration weights settings could be change.Machine sieving Capacity is equated 500 kg depends on product difference.

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Technical Details

Sesame Sieving Machine technical details.

  • Capacity: 500 Kgs / 60min
  • Dimensions: 250cm x 150cm
  • Power Unit: 2.2 Kw + 2.2 Kw Vibro Motor
  • Weight: 400 kgs
  • Height: 240 cm
  • Vibro Motor Period: 900 period/min

Technical details can change depending on the customer request and production date.


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