Sesame Frying Machine

Sesame frying machine is one of the most important equipment that is making the peeled sesame turn into roasted one.  It's capacity 2.500 kg / 8 hours but it is optional that can be various. Also, its dimensions are optional according to our clients needs.

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Technical Details

Technical details of Sesame Frying Machine - with 3 Floored Steam System.

  • Power: 4 HP x 5 = 20 HP
  • Elevator Power: 3 HP x 2 = 6 HP
  • Dimensions: 600 Cm X 200 Cm Height: 350 Cm
  • Capacity: 2.500 Kgs / 8 Hours
  • Weight: 6.000 kgs
  • Steam Pressure: 4-5 Atu
  • Motor Period: 15-30 Period/Minutes
  • AC Speed Control Equipment: 7.5 kW

Technical details can change depending on the customer request and production date.


  • Photos are for demonstration purposes only. Actual product may differ from the photo.

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